Pit Boss 340 Wood Pellet Grill Reviews

There is an absolutely significant range of makes and also designs of wood pellet grills on the marketplace today. Year on year much more makes and also models are added or improvements/upgrades are used on previous pellet grill/smoker versions. Pit Boss 340 Wood Pellet Grill Reviews

Also for a person that has actually owned a pellet grill formerly, it can be complicated to find out which make/model is going to be their finest alternative when buying a new grill. If you have actually never ever possessed a pellet grill prior to I’m sure the possibility of picking the ideal pellet grill to fulfill your demands can really feel really daunting.

Ideally, this blog post can help. I’m mosting likely to discuss the different sorts of wood pellet grills on the marketplace to help you narrow down the look for a pellet grill that will certainly utmost match your demands.

Today we will be discussing Traeger grills and also their product. They are a superior brand when it comes to raw wood pellet grills as well as you can’t go wrong investing in one.

Traeger Timberline Grill Collection

The Traeger Timeberline collection is a highly innovative wood pellet smoker with a durable design as well as a muscular feel and look unlike anything in their substantial catalog. As opposed to a barrel-shaped smokebox, Timberline has arena or race course shaped sides with a very prominent hood to accommodate a low, middle as well as high rack.

The uncommon drip plate underneath the reduced rack slants toward the front as opposed to off away, directing oil right into a channel that runs right to left and clears right into a slide-out grease tray under the left side rack. A large opening at the back of the drip tray is implied to permit warm and smoke to rise up along the back, hit the bent hood and create a downdraft for also warm high point to bottom.

It comes in 2 sizes, the 850 as well as 1300 which basically stands for the amount of making location available.

Traeger Timberline Grill Review

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An Intelligent Grill

Rather of running to the grill at every advertisement break, you can just slip the occasional look at the Traeger app on your mobile phone or tablet. The grill streams the temperature inside the grill to the application, while a probe reports the interior temperature level of the food you’re heating.

As well as it’s simple to cook a number of items at the same time because the Timberline has 3 adjustable grills supplying great deals of barbecuing surface. As Traeger puts it, there’s enough capability right here to prepare 9 hens, 8 rib racks, or 6 pork butts at once.

The Timberline 850 is likewise equipped with a monochrome LCD that shows the grill as well as probe temperatures along with other essential details. You can establish the desired barbecuing temperature from either the application which you can utilize your mobile phone or tablet as a remote or with a dial on the grill itself.

Automated Barbecuing

One of the various other big advantages of being attached to Wi-Fi is that you can use the app to choose from more than 1,000 recipes based on what you’d like to cook. You can filter recipes according to the major active ingredient, the making method, the number of portions you’re preparing, the cooking time, including prep time; and also by the pellet fuel you carry hand or the wood flavor you’re aiming to present to the food.

The dish’s degree of problem, separate times for prep as well as chef time, and the advised raw wood types are all provided on top of the app. It would certainly be fantastic if the application recalculated the active ingredients and also chef and also prep times based on the variety of servings you intend to prepare.

But when you have actually chosen a recipe, you merely tap the Cook Now button. You still need to press a switch on the grill itself to stir up the fire. There are some stuffs that just wouldn’t be safe to do via remote control yet the app will certainly send out the target prepping and also probe temperature levels to the grill. If the recipe asks for smoking the food, the app will certainly send that information to the grill too.

Cooking with the Timberline is not an entirely set-it-and-forget-it event, though. While there is a timer on the grill itself, neither will immediately shut down the grill or switch it to its ‘Maintain Warm’ setting when the timer expires. The exact same is true of the probe, the app and also the display on the grill itself will certainly report the target as well as current temperature level, yet nothing happens when that target is gotten to, you require to act when the cook is over.


Timberline does perfectly for all low and slow-moving smoking and also the also heat provided by the downdraft layout enables you to make use of all three racks without the need to rotate foods as is required with smokers that have hot and warm areas. Every little thing we cooked came out wet and also juicy also without a water frying pan. The application is an excellent property, particularly for long Barbeque smoking sessions. The remote monitoring as well as control cost-free you up to rest, do errands, most likely to a program or enjoy a game without interruption.

A Couple Of Downsides


Depending on how you prepare, those wood pellets will likely set you back a couple of dollars more per session than making use of charcoal or gas although you don’t require to get real wood chips for smoke, which might also that cost out.

Wasing Up

The Timberline series takes a little a lot more effort to clean compared to other grills. After each use, the grilling and cooking area has to be disassembled consisting of removing the grill racks, warm shields as well as grease tray.

It obtained a little much easier with method, however still took more effort and time than with my charcoal or propane grills, as well as constantly finished with oil on my hands as well as arms.

Prep Time

It does spend some time for the grill to spark and rise to temperature level. That’s penalty for an intended meal, yet if I determined in the nick of time to promptly grill some burgers or hotdogs for lunch, I ‘d be considering the convenience of a barbecue grill.

Should You Buy The Timberline Series Grill?

If you BBQ just a number of times a year in peak summertime, an even more basic pellet grill is probably the far better way to go, maybe even a portable pellet grill. If you want to be able to BBQ rather much all year round as well as obtain constant quality food no matter the weather.

Because situation, I do assume you ought to put either the 850 or 1300 Timberline grill on your shortlist. As I do think, the Traeger Timberline is just one of the ideal pellet grills on sale today.

Timberline has a three-year guarantee against defects in product and also handiwork under general usage.

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Trager Ironwood Grill Series

If you’re someone that appreciates high quality and also is trying to find a pellet smoker that’s a step up in regards to advancement and also function, the Traeger Ironwood is an excellent way to go.

Yet, before we get right into the basics of how well this smoker carries out, we have actually simply reached explain the difference between the Ironwood 885 and also the Ironwood 650. And, the ONLY distinction is the size. The Ironwood 885 offers you 885 square inches of barbecuing area while the Ironwood 650 offers you 650 square inches.

All the characteristics, materials as well as results you’ll obtain coincide regardless of whether you’re making use of the 650 or the 885. Although this is a Traeger Ironwood 885 write-up, everything we say applies to the 650 also, it’s simply slightly smaller and somewhat cheaper.

Traeger Ironwood Grill Review

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Construction Pit Boss 340 Wood Pellet Grill Reviews

Made from top quality powder-coated steel, the body is solid, strong and well created. You have actually got that classic Traeger sawhorse layout offering you more stability and less wobble while you function.

And also, exciting news for us and also anybody else that lives somewhere that gets chilly, the Ironwood really has side-wall insulation for better warm retention, extra efficient gas usage as well as much less stress and anxiety in basic when the weather’s not excellent.

We have actually seen the entire unit does not seem to have to work as difficult to keep the temperature level when what’s exterior is functioning versus it.

The roasting chamber deal with and also side shelf are both stainless-steel. As well as, while nice to have, it would be excellent if at this price array we were seeing some stainless steel structural components. Traeger’s powder-coating does deliver wonderful sturdiness and we haven’t had any kind of concerns with damage to the surface area.

Grilling and Cooking With The Traeger Ironwood Collection Grill

Heating on an Ironwood grill is almost as very easy as grilling obtains. Relieve of usage is just one of the characteristics of pellet grills as well as the Ironwood collection does not let down hereof. If anything, it better improves that perk many thanks to a number of essential attributes.

It starts with the structure of every cooking session, the pellet hopper. An effectively filled hopper is necessary, especially for long cooks, as well as the Ironwood grill features a sensor that determines your pellet degrees in real-time so you understand exactly just how much you have left.

The Ironwood better doubles down on the concept by including a setting that Traeger calls “Super Smoke.” This triggers the grill to pump out more flavor-friendly blue smoke in its chamber. The caution is that it only works between 165F to 225F so you’ll require to utilize it early in the grilling process prior to cranking up the heat.

Just note that Super Smoke additionally increases the Ironwood grill’s temperature level variations.

The Traeger D2 controller manages the entire roasting procedure. As soon as you establish your temperature level, the auger starts pushing pellets right into the fire pit and also flowing air with an integrated fan. It took between 10 and 15 minutes for it to rise to 225 degrees.

I locate that it generally overshoots the target temperature a little as well as after that returns down, so rather than sitting as well as looking at the numbers on the screen, I just allow the app tell me when it prepares. That’s one attractive stuff that includes the technology.

Good Temperature Level Regulation

The application permits you to check the grill’s overall temperature in addition to the temperature from a meat probe that plugs right into the controller. After roughly a lots chefs, I never had trouble with the Traeger Ironwood 885 getting too far from its target temperature.

Stability is key for low and slow-moving chefs, and the Ironwood grill does it well. The innovative controller aids, but the construction also plays a component. The double-wall steel grilling and cooking chamber helps, as does the tight-fitting, gasket-equipped lid.

Under the hood, Traeger outfitted the Ironwood grill with its very first DC brushless electric motor to power the auger. Wimpier motors can obtain repressed when the pellets clump with each other, but I didn’t experience any one of that with this model.

Some Downsides

Hardwood Pellets

You have to have these to run the grill. You can’t run it on air or anything else. Also, there are tales of poor things happening if you don’t use the main Traeger pellets. They run about $19 for a huge bag of them. Think of it as buying gas for your gas grill.

High Warm Making

If you really intend to burn something over extremely high heat, the Traeger isn’t going to obtain there. It covers out at possibly around 500 levels on the grates. To be honest, this is plenty hot for most individuals and you can get an excellent sear on a steak at that temperature level. However, if you are interested in blazing hot grills, you’ll want an extra straight warm resource.

Demands Electricity

I didn’t truly consider this till after I had actually already established the grill, however it’s electrical which means you need to connect it in. It needs to be near an outlet or you’ll have to run an expansion cord. Not a huge con, yet entails arranging.

Should You Invest In The Ironwood Collection Grill?

Traeger’s Ironwood grill is a sturdy, sturdy pellet grill that flaunts great convenience. Features such as its pellet sensor, integrated thermostat probe and wireless connection additionally improve the convenience that pellet grills are known for. Super Smoke, on the other hand, is a good bonus offer that adds an extra choice for creating even more smoke. It still struggles with a few of the familiar downsides related to pellet grills as well as pricing.

Add its well-founded develop high quality and also a multitude of bells as well as whistles and the Ironwood grill makes barbecuing nearly as very easy as it can obtain. All in all, it is just one of the best pellet grills out on the market today.

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Traeger Pro Grill Collection

The Traeger Pro is one of the most preferred as well as ideal offering Traeger grill.

It is available in 2 sizes, the 575 and also the 780. The 575 square inch model has sufficient room to roast 5 racks of ribs simultaneously, or 4 poultries which ought to be plenty for the majority of people.

Pros are rather removed down and also basic, but well made as well as Traeger’s “WiFIRE” WiFi remote has a superb, easy to use application with many useful features. Traeger additionally asserts their brand-new D2 Straight Drive Management is extra long lasting and also trusted than their previous management systems.

Traeger Pro Grill Review

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Temperature Level Regulation

The Pro WiFire Controller has a temperature level variety of 165 ° to 450 ° F. Various variation around an established temperature level is regular. As with a cooking area stove, you can listen to the controller click burners and home heating components on and also off to keep the warmth hovering around your wanted cooking temperature.

We started our evaluations setting WiFIRE to the low temperature of 165 ° F. It shot up to 200 ° F after that resolved down, jumping plus and minus regarding 5 ° F around our collection point. The temperature level was hotter on the left side where smoke and also warm left out the chimney. Once more, that is not surprising.

Food preparation With The Traeger Pro Series Grill

This grill uses six-in-one adaptability. It can handle your ordinary grilling, however you can likewise cook, roast, braise, smoke, and also barbeque.

As well as due to the variety of wood pellets offered, you can attain a large range of tastes. It’s difficult to believe that the very same grill that dispatches a mesquite-grilled sausage is also capable of firing up a baked salmon flavored with maple wood.

I had much higher regulation over the specific temperature level of the grill, as well as the entire procedure was much less messy as well as consequently much easier to tidy up, generated a lot more constant results, as well as the cooking time was really much quicker. In other words, I have actually never taken pleasure in grilling more than I have with the Traeger Pro 575.

The WiFIRE facet makes it one of the most easy to use grills I have actually ever before made use of.

Thanks to the link to my phone, I can currently grill, rather essentially, from anywhere I ‘d such as. By doing this, rather than being chained to my station during a picnic, I’m really able to take part in the fun as well as socialize with close friends and family members while the food chefs itself.

The application also makes it possible to establish timers, screen food temperature levels, as well as of program, take advantage of the expertise of the GrillGuide, which provides hundreds of downloadable recipes that can be sent out right to the Pro 575.

Several Downsides Pit Boss 340 Wood Pellet Grill Reviews

The most noticeable is the requirement for an electrical outlet to power up the grill. If you do not have one in your yard or you’re truly seeking to grill in the terrific outdoors, this isn’t necessarily the grill for you.

I will certainly also claim that the wood pellets, regrettably, are not fairly as easy ahead by as charcoal or propane. If you realize that you’re running low on the pellets, you’ll wish to stockpile quicker instead than later

Should You Buy the Pro Collection Grill?

The Traeger Pro 575 is an absolutely outstanding wood pellet grill. It has the product top quality and also engineering you anticipate from this wood pellet grill market leader. The D2 drive train is among those unique features you will discreetly appreciate, though it’s the WiFire application, with Alexa compatibility that is really outstanding.

This is a skilled grill, smoker and also sluggish cooker. It supplies a trustworthy method to BARBEQUE without blistering meat, greens and also fish.

Also if you’re brand-new to cooking or would choose to spend more time with your visitors as opposed to glued to your grill, the Pro 575 is a fantastic resource. It is likewise an outstanding device for the competent chef who desires to show off their high-quality ingredients. Pit Boss 340 Wood Pellet Grill Reviews

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