Essential Tools For Grilling

Most people don’t think about accessories since they are so concerned with what smoker to buy or what charcoal to use. Your grill or smoker will be more functional if you have the right accessories. They’ll also make your food taste better!

If you don’t invest in these grilling and smoker accessories sooner, you’ll regret it!

An Excellent Wireless Meat Thermometer

This is our favorite smoker accessory.

BBQing without a meat thermometer is a painful experience!

You are not exempt if your smoker features a built-in lid thermometer. They tend to be inaccurate. You can measure both the temperature inside your cooker and the temperature of your meat using a dual probe bbq thermometer.

It would be desirable if the thermometer had wireless functionality so you could check the temperature from the comfort of your sofa.

You want to make sure the temperature is consistently low and slow.

Chimney Fire Starter with Charcoal

There is no reason to stack your charcoal over chemical fire starters unless you like painstakingly stacking your charcoal.

This is the better option for those who don’t like to painstakingly stack charcoal over chemical fire starters. Using lighter fluid to douse your charcoal is not wise!

Put a few paper towels in the starter chimney along with a few teaspoons of oil, and then light.

It should take ten to twenty minutes to dry the paper towels with the chimney over them.

BBQ Grill Brush

You will have a much easier life if you clean the grill with a grill brush after each cookout.

Grill grate sediment should be brushed off between every use to ensure that you have the best flavor and safest cooking environment. When the flame has been blown out and the heat has subsided, brush the area thoroughly.

In case anything has fallen onto the surface since the last use, give it something to brush before lighting it again. Be sure to choose a version of this ultimate grilling tool that is bristle-free to avoid the dangers of bristles in your food.

Getting rid of the brush in this manner ensures that no stray wires are left behind by the brush and end up in your food.

A Basting Mop/Brush

Adding a marinade or mop to the meat can enhance its flavor and keep it moist.

The longer handle and the more durable head make having a dedicated mop for barbecue useful.

Your kitchen cupboard already has a brush you might use. The last thing you want is to impart a bitter flavor! 

Charcoal Baskets

Make your life a little easier by getting a set of charcoal baskets so you can switch from grilling (high heat) to indirect cooking (indirect heat or smoking). You can cluster them so you can cook indirectly on one side while you do indirect cooking on the other.

You can easily feed fresh charcoal as your smoke progresses when these are combined with a hinged grill.

Tongs With A Long Handle

It’s great to have long-handled tongs because you can use them for many different foods, including corn and hot dogs.

Forks are a favorite tool for grillers, but sticking meat with a fork will release juices, which will ruin the flavor and moisture of the meat.

When you need to reach food at the back of your barbecue, use long-handled tongs instead of kitchen tongs to avoid burning your hands.

Mitts For Grilling

It’s inevitable that you’ll occasionally need to grab something warm, whether it’s to remove a pizza stone from the grill or lift a grate.

Air Probe

The lid of most grills comes with a thermometer so you can judge the temperature of the food. Do not be fooled, however. The reading isn’t always as accurate as it should be because it’s on the lid rather than directly over the cooktop.

Make sure your grill tools include an air probe so you can get an even more accurate reading of the temperature.


Despite scallops, shrimp, and mushrooms having a small, round shape, they are incredibly delicious when cooked over an open flame. Rolling or sliding between the grates is problematic. A set of sturdy kabobs will keep everything in line.

The stainless-steel variation of these grill tools is convenient because they are easy to clean, reusable, and don’t require soaking to prevent them from burning on the barbecue. Grilling wood skewers, on the other hand, will cause them to burn.

An Apron

Tie on a cloth apron to protect yourself from sauces and grease. In addition to looking the part, it also provides storage space for your grill tongs, grill lighter, and more. For your barbecue set, choose an apron that can be machine washed.

Keep two or more clean at all times so you can clean one as you wash the other.