How To Choose The Perfect BBQ Grill

how to choose the best potable grills

We are enjoying the warm weather and you might be looking for some tasty grilling recipes. However, if you’re in the market for a new grill, you have a lot more options than just deciding between charcoal or gas.

You don’t need to do any research because we did it for you. Our range of appliances can handle the task of grilling burgers for two or smoking a turkey for the whole neighbourhood.

In order to find the perfect grill, you should know what you need. Everyone will have different needs based on their cooking style, where they live, and how often they BBQ. 

Let’s look at some general tips for narrowing your search before we get into all the details.

Charcoal Grills

People looking for a grill that will not break the bank, love the charcoal flavor, and will cook for small groups

Definitely a classic! It’s difficult to beat the smoky flavor created by charcoal grills that are portable and easy to use. While they take a bit longer to heat up, they can get much hotter than gas or electric grills. 

Grillers should divide the coals according to their cooking styles and provide indirect and direct heat. Although a charcoal grill is messier and takes longer to use than a gas grill, we’d say it’s worth the extra work for the flavor.

Gas Grills

With these grill grates that have more space and an easy-to-use operation, it’s ideal for anyone looking for more grilling space. Typically, backyard grills look like these. Grills powered by natural gas are easy to use, heat up quickly, start fast, and require little cleanup. 

Grilled foods do not have the same smoky flavor as charcoal cooking, but these tasty side dishes still have a great flavor, even if you don’t use charcoal. There are many different sizes of gas grills. Be prepared to invest for a longer period of time since they are typically the most expensive option.

 You can extend the life of your gas grill by performing proper grill maintenance and care. Propane is the preferred fluid for use in gas grills, and you will need to refill the tanks as needed.

Wood Pellet Grills

Using this method is the best way if you don’t want to use a smoker.

A wood pellet grill adds a smoky flavor to your food easily and quickly. When ready, the electric-powered grill will automatically add wood pellets to the firepot based on your selected temperature and cook time. 

Speciality pallets are available online or in home improvement stores and come in a variety of wood flavors.


The barbecue enthusiast who desires flavor and is not worried about waiting longer for the final result will appreciate having a smoker.

Smokers and gas grills are both great for preparing everyday grilled food, but nothing offers a more flavorful result than a gas or charcoal grill. Cooking at lower temperatures for longer periods of time, smokers are a slow-cooker version of a grill. 

At-home smokers are now becoming more popular among barbecue pros across the country. In addition to allowing you to cook a larger amount of meat at a time, smokers also make great grills.

Outdoor Electric Grills

If you don’t have a large outdoor space or live in a condo where gas or charcoal grilling is not allowed, this is the perfect option for you.

Invest in an outdoor electric grill if you’re tired of managing propane cylinders or cleaning up ashy charcoal messes. 

Powered by an outlet, you can start cooking immediately. Electric grills with a small footprint generally offer the best performance. Small balconies are the perfect fit for them.

Portable Grills

The following information is intended for families who grill more on the road than at home.

Cooking on the go with a portable grill will make camping or grilling more enjoyable for anyone who likes to camp or grill. You can set up your grill anywhere, from tailgating places to camping grounds to the beach, since these grills are durable and convenient. 

Simple to use, these grills run off 16-ounce propane tanks that can be stored under the top of the grill when it is in use.

Indoor Grills

A grill indoors will be required by those without outdoor spaces.

An indoor grill is a great option for apartment and condominium owners without an outdoor patio or balcony. It provides convenience without filling your kitchen with smoke.

Indoor grills can be divided into three main categories: grill pans, open grills, and griddles. Indoor grills can be relatively inexpensive, no matter which type you select.

Temperature Control Knobs

Due to the size of portable units, the temperature will only have one control knob. In the case of a double burner, look for controls that allow you to adjust the temperature in two different areas.

Get a grill that has dual temperature controls if you want a dual burner grill.

Surface Cooking Area 

Warming trays and holding areas on charcoal grills are usually small. It’s crucial to determine the surface area of the grill.

Some portable units can cook enough for a group of 6 people, even though many are big enough only for 2 to 4 people. Therefore you should always know how many you might serve on any given day.

Furthermore, grilling up some burgers will obviously require more space than cooking your entire meal on the grate. They get more expensive as the size increases.

There will be enough room between 12 burger patties on a 200 square inch cooking grate. A meal for two consisting of steaks between 8-10 ounces and potatoes and corn on the cob will also fit on this plate.

To help you determine how much space you may need, a good guess is about 100 square inches per person.

Types of Burners 

Aluminium burns out and cast iron eventually rusts, so choose burners made of stainless steel or brass. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel is grade 304, which has an 18-8 rating.

A metal deflector is typically placed between the grate and the burners on most propane grills to prevent grease from dripping onto them. As a result, you will have more even heating, so the grate will have fewer “hot spots.”

If you want corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability, use stainless steel or brass rated 18-8.


In the cooking area, a good grate helps to hold the heat and to conduct it into food for cooking. Those are the characteristic char marks.

Grates can be divided into three types:

Chrome and Nickel Plated Grates

These lightweight grates have a wire core, so they’re easily portable. This also means that they do not retain heat very well. They can also chip, rust and corrode. Do not go there!

Cast Iron Grates

Heat is retained and conducted well, but without a coating of oil, it will rust if it is not treated. After cleaning, the easy solution is to spray cooking spray on both sides. I don’t think that’s a bad choice.

Stainless Steel Grates

Effortlessly clean, are not overly heavy and work well. These materials, however, do not hold heat or conduct electricity as efficiently as cast iron. Most people find that this is a good choice.

It is rust-resistant, even heating, portable, and easy to clean, making stainless steel grate an ideal choice.